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The Career Development Services Center (CDS) hosts over 50 career events for students and alumni throughout the academic year. Many of these events include industry-specific panel discussions, opportunities to critique resumes, networking events, career related workshops and keynote opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Share your industry expertise by becoming a volunteer.

  • Workshops

    Employers can volunteer to facilitate professional development workshops to help students learn essential skills, such as resume writing, business etiquette, personal branding, interviewing and negotiation.

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  • Resume Critiques

    Volunteers may serve as a resume reviewer, virtually or in-person.

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  • Mock Interviews (Phone ● Virtual ● In-person)

    Due to the change in interviewing practices with an increase in pre-screen interviews by phone or a virtual platform, we welcome volunteers to assist our students.

    Our office provides mock interview opportunities for our students each semester. Employers may participate for a full-day or half day of face-to-face interviews.

    Each interview period is thirty minutes; fifteen to twenty minutes of interviewing and ten to fifteen minutes for employer critique. An employer-conducted mock interview is a valuable career tool for our students and provides an opportunity for employers to increase their visibility on our campus.

    An employer who chooses to provide mock interview opportunities outside of Mock Interview Day can do so, with a two-week notice.

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  • Panel Discussions

     Targeted major and career field-specific panels are planned throughout the year. Volunteering on a panel provides employers a unique opportunity to network and engage students through discussion, question and answer.

    Examples of employer panels:

    • Careers in Psychology, Biomedical Science, Social Work and Sociology
    • Careers in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Careers in Sport Management
    • Careers in Criminal Justice, Political Science and Law
    • Careers in Food Science
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  • Job Shadowing

    Job shadowing is an invaluable short-term experience that can last an hour or a day. It provides students an opportunity to learn more about careers.

    Job shadowing allows students to gather career-related information by observing workplace tasks in action. It also gives the students the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for the job.

    Job Shadowing Engagement Activities

    • Invite students to attend meetings and presentations
    • Allow observation of data research and analysis
    • Introduce students to colleagues for a deeper understanding of your organization’s departments and job functions
    • Provide networking opportunities for the student to develop contacts in their target industry
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  • Mentoring
     Students often seek advice about careers, graduate/professional schools, salary negotiations and workplace success.Mentors provide candid, credible input that support students in the quest for post-secondary success. Because many students don’t know what they don’t know mentors provide invaluable insight and wisdom.Having a mentor is a great way to get started.Back to Top

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CDS provides a variety of ways for employers to reach AAMU students. Please allow a two to three week notice when scheduling an event date. The CDS office will make every effort to accommodate your request. Enter your information below and click submit.

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