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Cheerleaders march during the on-campus Homecoming parade


It is the purpose of the Alabama A&M University Cheerleading Squad to promote and uphold school spirit. We are one of the most respected cheerleading programs in the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

Member Expectations

As a member of the team you will have the opportunity to attend functions which will enhance school spirit and give recognition to Alabama A&M University. It is your responsibility to put forth your best effort as a spirit squad member at all engagements, and maintain a sense of good sportsmanship, promote crowd involvement, uphold better relations between schools, and maintain and create a level of excellence to be continued through the years.

Members will be challenged to increase personal growth and development through the personal management of athletic and academic responsibilities.

Tryout Info

Tryouts are held in April of every year.

Prospective students (including high school seniors) who have made the commitment to attend Alabama A&M University during the 2018-2019 school years are eligible to try out for the squad. However, to try out he or she must have the following:

  • A letter of acceptance to Alabama A&M University, or something showing he/she has completed the application process.
  • A personal photo (this will not be returned)
  • A photocopy of Insurance Card, front and back
  • An unofficial transcript (2.0 or higher)
  • Name and Contact info of Cheer Coach
  • $25 application fee

Please do not send these items, bring them on the first day of tryouts.

All forms are to be completed by all participants during Friday's Registration.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the AAMU Cheer Coaches. Thanks in advance, and good luck to all interested students!

Cheer Faculty

The Alabama A&M University's Cheerleading Squad is under the direction of:

  • Coach Rasheba McGowan
  • Coach Shawdee McKinney
  • Faculty Advisor Dr. Tammy Alexander
  • Physical Trainer Coach Ray

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