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Foundation Publications


In an effort to provide adequate communication about the services provided, as well as the most effective means to obtain those services, the Foundation has over the years developed a number of communication tools to assist its clients.  Among these are newsletters, reports and even special publications aimed at providing an indepth understanding of the range of services, despite limited staffing resources.

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"Resource" Newsletter

The Alabama A&M University Foundation periodic "Resource" newsletter provides important and informative updates about Foundation activities, from property acquisition to scholarship distribution to special  financial assistance in keeping with the University's mission. It provides biographical information on new staff members, scholarship statistics, board member accomplishments and more.  Access to a few previous issues is provided below:

Spring 2019 - Resource Newsletter

Fall 2018 - Resource Newsletter

Fall 2017 - Resource Newsletter



Councill Training School Endowed Scholarship



Show me the money.  Reports and more reports, presented in a complete, comprehensive and professional manner.

2019/50th Anniversary Report (Pending)



Current and past data on the Foundation and the Educational Trust Funds.

2019  990 Foundation Inc.

2019  990 Trust for Educational Excellence

2018  990 Foundation Inc.

2018  990 Trust for Educational Excellence

2017  990 Foundation Inc.

2017  990 Trust for Educational Excellence

2016  990 Foundation Inc.

2016  990 Trust for Educational Excellence

2015 990 Foundation Inc.

2015 990 Trust for Educational Excellence

2014 990 Foundation Inc.

2014 990 Trust for Educational Excellence

2013 990 Foundation Inc.

2013 990 Trust for Educational Excellence



Articles of Incorporation (Original)